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The Remix Conference 2013

The Remix Conference 2013

I spent this past Saturday participating in the 2013 Remix Conference at Grace Church in Netcong NJ. The Remix Conference was birthed out of the ministry of Segun Aiyegbusi (founder of The Remix and fellow ATS alumnus). The keynote speaker was the Rev. Dr. Robert Reimer, Senior Pastor at South Shore Community Church in Brockton Massachusetts.   I’ve been blessed to hear Dr. Reimer speak on several occasions.  At this conference he spoke on father wounds, the blessing of a father, and the God’s love as a father to his children – huge topic!  His teaching was amazing and transformative.  Here are some things he said that struck me (bear in mind I was typing notes into an iPhone so the quotes are as pretty close, but not exact):

“God loves you regardless of your performance because you are his child.  We can’t prove our worth or earn a place in his family.  We are in his family because he has adopted us.  The issue of your value was settled at the cross.”

“You cannot [experience] healing in that which you will not admit.”

“When I find myself robbing time from my family to please people at my church I’m lost.”

“You know you’re a grownup when you take responsibility for your own life.”

“If you can’t deal with criticism or input then you probably have a father wound in that particular area.”

“If you received correction or discipline from your father because he was embarrassed by something you did that discipline was not out of love, but out of shame…if you’re struggling with shame that may be the source.”


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