Making Visible The Kingdom Through Convergence


Summer Reading

Summer Reading

So here’s my summer reading bibliography (Is there any better word in the English language? I think not):

1) Why Priests? – Garry Wills
2) God Is the Gospel – John Piper
3) Forgotten God – Simon Chan
4) Love Wins – Rob Bell (spoiler alert! this book is NOT what you think it is…I came to it fully prepared to write a scathing rebuke based on reviews and comments from well-known theologians and scholars and am very surprised at what I’ve found…)
5) Sticky Faith – Powell & Clark (big recommend to all parents and people involved in youth/children’s ministry)
6) Scandalous – D.A. Carson (the first book here from Re:Lit)
7) The Catholicity of the Reformation – Carl E. Braaten and Robert W. Jenson
8) Rid of My Disgrace – Justin & Lindsey Holcomb (the second book from Re-Lit on the list. I highly recommend Re:Lit. This is a MUST read for anyone involved in redemption/recovery)
9) Movie-Made America – Robert Sklar (a very thorough if somewhat dry text on film in America. A re-read as I get geared up for The Remix Conference where I’ll be speaking on the theme of redemption & the love of a father in film).


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