Making Visible The Kingdom Through Convergence

We Long For A Hero!

On a primary level we watch films not to watch an actor have emotions and experiences but to have them ourselves. There’s an unwritten contract between the audience and filmaker. “I am coming to have these experiences and you must provide a gateway by which I can enter into these emotions and experiences.” What’s the gateway? THE HERO! For a story to be truly great the hero has to grow. Otherwise what’s the point? We as the audience are left unsatisfied if the hero doesn’t grow.  We are living through the hero and if he or she doesn’t learn something we don’t as the audience don’t learn anything.  We long to experience what the hero experiences.  We want to see him or her redeemed.  We want them to experience redemption on some level.  We are hard-wired to desire stories of redemption.  

As followers of Christ we are participants in the greatest story that’s ever been written.  There is no greater film to watch unfold.  We are at watching the greatest film that’s ever been written.  At the center of our story is the greatest hero that has ever been or ever will be – the Eternally Victorious Never to be Defeated Lamb of God!  We seek the One Who’s Memory Is Eternal!  Humanity is hard-wired to crave stories of redemption.  We’ve been telling this story for at least 5,000 years.  So how do we as followers of Christ use the stories that we tell each other as a vehicle to re-tell the greatest story every told?

Want the answer?  Then join me for the session I’ll be teaching at the Remix Conference in September in Netcong New Jersey!


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