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The Boston Marathon He’ll Never Forget

The Boston Marathon He’ll Never Forget

One of the most profound and blessed experiences in my life was our time at a monastery and retreat center in Volkenrode Germany during my first year of seminary at Alliance Theological Seminary.  My life was forever transformed during our time there.  One of the enduring memories, still vivid like the embers beneath a healthy flame, is the memory of our friend Tim Meier leading us in worship in this huge stone chapel, sparsely furnished and echoing with song.  I will always count him a dear friend and brothers in arms regardless of how time and space separate us in this life.  Tim and his beautiful family currently serve as missionaries in France doing the work of the Kingdom.  He’s a warrior and man-of-wisdom for Christ.  I am deeply humbled by the words, grieved by the experience, and grateful for the witness of our friend Tim Meier.  If you’ve never had an opportunity to meet Tim (husband, father, pastor, musician, marathoner) here’s your opportunity as he shares his experience from the horrific tragedy at the Boston Marathon (click the link above).


One response

  1. meierxc

    Thank you for these incredibly kind words and for sharing the post, Trevor. Love you man.

    April 17, 2013 at 7:02 am

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