Making Visible The Kingdom Through Convergence

Grounded & Settled 2012!

Today we kick off Grounded & Settled 2012 at the Marist Brothers Retreat House.  It’s my fourth year here and I find myself in a situation very different from previous years.  The vast majority of the youth attending are coming up from some of the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy.  There are whole neighborhoods (not homes, not streets – neighborhoods) that have been condemned.  Families have only a week to collect what few belongings they can before there homes will be bulldozed.  These kids that have lost homes, neighborhoods, seemingly everything in the lives are traveling up to join us.  I have to stand up in front of them and call them to join in the worship of heaven – praising God – at a time when their world has fallen apart.  I live in an area relatively unscathed by the Hurricane.  Frankly, my comfort has been uninterrupted.  How do I make visible to them Christ knowing that I’m seeing Jesus in their suffering more than they’ll probably see Jesus in the old bearded guy asking them to sing songs of praise?


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