Making Visible The Kingdom Through Convergence

Grounded & Settled 2011

Today we gather at the Marist Brothers Retreat House with about one-hundred youth and young-adults to kick off three days of prayer, reflection, worship, teaching, and transformation – Grounded & Settled 2011!  I am excited to work with Joel Klampert (a tremendous musician, blogger, artist, and ninja) and Frank Nowicki (one of the most humbled and gifted drummers I’ve ever worked with).  We will be combining the old and the new; the ancient and the modern as we fix our eyes heavenward.  We look turn to Jesus because that what all this is about.  As C.S. Lewis said Jesus plus anything else isn’t really about Jesus…

Joel has put together an amazing selection of songs from Joe Day, Steve Fee, Jesus Culture, Hillsong, and Daniel Bashta (if you can sing a Daniel Bashta song and NOT want to storm the gates of hell then…).

I’m especially excited to sing the songs of Joe Day.  I had opportunity to worship with him and attend a song-writing workshop he lead at FORGE just a few months ago.  He has an amazing voice on the acoustic guitar and his heart beats in time with the heart of Christ.


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