Making Visible The Kingdom Through Convergence

The Forge Conference 2011

Excited to be attending The Forge Conference at Ocean Grove, which has partly been conceived and organized by my friend Joel Klampert (music minister, blogger, designer, and fellow guitar aficionado).

This years theme is the ancient-future church (convergence anyone?).  From what Joel’s told me this will be the antithesis of worship events and conferences held at the OMEGADOME devoted to ideas, tools, and budgets that far exceed the average church’s budget.

The Forge Conference is designed to be intimate and a benefit to small to mid-size churches (who need far more tools and training than mega-churches since their staff tend to have less training, time, and resources).  I’m looking forward to the practical workshops that are supposed to be small enough that we’ll get practical experience and be able to ask questions without waiting on line.  I also heard that Joe Day will be leading worship as will Dunn & Wilt (never…ever…been in a service where the lead instruments were hammered dulcimer and synthesizer).  There will also be a team from the Robert Weber Institute for Worship.

As per Joel The Forge Conference was started by small/mid-size churches to serve small/mid-size churches.  I just so happen to be  one of the musical directors and director of community outreach at a small church…and we certainly are limited when it comes to resources.  Most importantly I’m looking forward to an opportunity to worship Jesus without having to do all the things I do on Sunday morning, without distractions, without having to wonder what the other musicians around me are doing.  A few days on the mountaintop before heading back into the valley.


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