Making Visible The Kingdom Through Convergence


For millions of Christians around the world the 40 days leading up to Resurection Sunday (Easter Morning) are a time to reflect, repent, and readjust their lives to a more focused walk with Christ.  This harkens back to God consecrating specific Feast for the Children of Israel to commemorate their relationship with him.  Before each feast a time of preparation, both as a community and as individuals, was observed.  This time of preparation was spent in fasting and repentance.  Jesus spent a similar time of preparation for ministry in the wilderness.  Often with such an intense time of spiritual discipline individuals and communities emerge with a renewed sense of spiritual empowerment and purpose.  In Scripture times of mourning and repentance were marked by the mourners placing ashes upon their heads.  In this same way lent begins on Ash Wednesday when members of the community of the cross “have ashes placed on their forheads (in the form of the cross) as a sign to God of their humility and repentance.”  I will be avaiable for anyone who would like to begin the season of lent with ashes.  Please let me know before March 1st.


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