Making Visible The Kingdom Through Convergence

Convergence: A Move Towards Unity

As members of a community of God-Seekers we embrace Convergence as a framework for our community.  To engage in Convergence is to be fully Charismatic, Evangelical, and Liturgical or what some see as the three main streams of Christianity. There are three streams 1) Pentecostal, 2) Evangelical, and 3) Liturgical/Sacramental.  By channeling these three streams into the riverbed of our community we form one unified and strong river, which flows down across history from the Ancients and into the future.  So to engage in Convergence is to move towards catholicity or move towards unity.  We desire to reintegrate  the various aspects of the faith that have been splintered by the various divisions in Christendom.  The miracles and ministry of Jesus represent the joyous celebration of God’s saving reign bursting into the lives of people.  We joyfully continue to embrace this new life granted us by God and invite you to join in the journey…

At The Berlin Wall


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