Making Visible The Kingdom Through Convergence


Today I head to Germany with Dr. Martin Sanders, President of Global Leadership Inc., and a team of fellow ATS students for Christival 2008 in Bremen.  We will be serving as the prayer team for the English Language services (apparently English is in vogue and there will be hundreds, maybe thousands of Europeans who plan to attend the services and seminars held in English).  Worship will be led by an English team of musicians from Nottingham so I expect there to be plenty of scarves and amazing accents.

The theme is “Jesus bewegt” or “Jesus moves,” i.e. Jesus moves in me, in our community, in the Church, etc.  This is the largest gathering of it’s type in Europe and it’s expected to attract upwards of 30,000 attendees from all over Europe and the world – young and old alike.

According to what I’ve read so far Christival is designed to:

  1. Generate new perspectives for creative youth work not only for German, but also foreign youth
  2. Foster ecumenical coexistence
  3. Diminish violence and xenophobia in youth culture
  4. Promote civic education
  5. Encourage and enable a volunteer work in the church and society
  6. Encourage youth to cooperate and strengthen innovation
  7. Promote an awareness of the needs of people with disabilities.

There will be seminars and lectures throughout the day along with live music throughout the city of Bremen (I’ve heard there may even be some Scandinavian metal – not what I would normally expect, but it is Europe…).  I’ve also heard that the last night will be capped off by a service led by Matt Redman and a bishop (maybe THE bishop) of the Lutheran Church.  I expect this to be an awesome experience.


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