Making Visible The Kingdom Through Convergence

We’re Germany Bound!

Kate and I heading off to Germany for ten days with a group composed of other students from Alliance Theological Seminary, Dr. Martin Sanders, and a few others we have yet to meet.  We’ll be attending a seminar on Transcultural Leadership taught by Dr. Martin Sanders and Roland Werner.  We’ll arrive in Frankfurt and head to Marburg – one of the fairytale cities and former home to the Brothers Grimm – where we will participate in an English Language worship service.  From what I’ve read it seems that Marburg was spared the fate of most other cities in Europe during the two world wars and was relatively untouched.  Medieval architecture and cobblestone streets are the norm.  Marburg is also home to one of the largest medical schools in Germany and as a result Marburg is packed with students!

Next we’re off to Volkenroda Abbey where will will stay with group of thirty other young leaders from fifteen countries.  I’ve heard that the abbey was originally constructed in the 800’s (not the 1800’s – that’s not a typo.  we’re talking pre-millenium).  It should be a tremendous time of teaching, worship, contemplation, and life change.


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